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Fast Explorer 32

In the yachting industry the choice is mostly made between long range and slow speed boats or relatively short range but high speed boats. The reasons behind this difference are efficiency and the concept decision. In the design of FE 32 finding the optimum balance between these two conditions was the key point of concept.

In the exterior design, contemporary lines are preferred to emphasize the cutting edge technology of the boat. Large windows are used to enable the people on board to feel freedom and space while enjoying the view. In the hull design aim was to create a hull that can reach more than 30 knots, but more efficient than the standard deep v or semi planning hulls at low cruising speeds around 6-8 knots. Different iterations were made and finally an optimum hull is achieved which has 10-20% lower resistance than the standard hull shapes.

Interior design is created for four people to live onboard comfortably for a long time without any congestion. Human factors’ approach is used to maximize the comfort and easy living conditions. Wood, gloss fiber glass surfaces, glass and metal materials is preferred to create aesthetic, modern and warm interiors. Every millimeter in interior and exterior design is considered seriously and well utilized.

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