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All Electric Speed Boat: Canavar

Canavar (Monster) is a pure electric speed boat project, designed to be a perfect super yacht toy or beach and lake craft. Nowadays fossil fuel usage is increasing exponentially but at the same time reserves are getting low; more importantly environmental impacts are getting worse every day. Hopefully these kinds of projects will grow the attention on green technologies in yachting industry. Therefore in the design process of this concept not only high speed and attractive appearance but also innovation and environmentalism were the key points of the decision making.

The aim of design is to create luxurious, elegant and simple yet aggressive and sportive boat. Since the major target customer range is super yacht owners; quality, technology and luxury were the priorities. In the exterior design led lighting at the each side of the boat is a totally distinctive and unique element of the boat from the others. Such parts like air inlets, spoiler and decals give the impression of a race car to boat while emphasizing her sportiness. Canavar is a solo driven boat therefore everything in the cockpit is designed as skipper-oriented. Objects in the dashboard are easy to reach and see. The intention is to make skipper feel him/herself like a driving F1 race car. Handle bar and two steps at the port side make easier getting on board. In emergencies skipper needs to get out of boat quickly, so Canavar’s cockpit is designed to allow skipper escape from the boat less than in 5 seconds.

Canavar is made of entirely carbon fiber to be built with vacuum infusion method to achieve lightest possible weight. She uses twin 32 hp high efficiency electric motors to reach top speed of 40 knots. More powerful motors can be used but weight and cost will increase and also safety issues will show up due to stiff boat motions at higher speeds. Her hull is stepped deep v hull equipped with surface drive system and propellers, allowing the boat to reach higher speeds efficiently. 




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