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Luxury yacht Oceanaid concept has been designed with motto of “leaving no one behind” by making her inclusive for everybody. Therefore in design process, functionality is kept more important than aesthetics, but these two elements are tried to complement each other, instead of being in conflict.

In the exterior design of super yacht Oceanaid concept, contemporary lines are preferred to signify cutting edge technology of the boat. Large windows are used to enable people on board to embrace freedom and space while emphasizing the contemporary look of the boat. Flexible areas are offered people onboard such as the sportsbridge, cockpit, bow sunbathing area, extending balconies on deck, opening balcony in garage and extending beach club to make them enjoy their time onboard in different places without boredom. Exterior areas, as well as interior areas are arranged to enable people with wheelchair to move around freely. Helm stations are placed carefully to have a 360 degree view thanks to low profile superstructure.

In the interior design of Oceanaid superyacht concept, flexible design methodology is sustained as in exterior design to maximize physiological and psychological comfort by creating warm and spacious interiors. Linked with exterior areas, interior areas offer owners and guests elegant and roomy spaces which they can spend even all day inside in privacy without ennui.

In technical design of Oceanaid yacht concept, the focus was creating an environmentally friendly, high tech and fast boat. As a primary energy source, renewable energy is used onboard such as wind and solar energy. Diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system is preferred with 2 propeller high efficiency pod system.

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