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Windtron 32

Design of Windtron 32 is started with idea of creating an all-electric sailing yacht with fine cruising and racing characteristics. Without re-inventing the definition of yacht, innovative and habitual elements coalesced into unique contemporary body. Inspired from cutting edge maxi-racing yachts and explorer superyachts; Windtron 32 developed for maximizing the pleasure of sailing in smaller size.

Simple geometric lines and shapes compose the general look of Windtron 32. Aggressive yet elegant exterior of boat creates distinctive appearance without confusion. Modular arrangement increases number of possible activities onboard and also ensures comfort. Folding table rises from the ground and serves as a dinner or cocktail table. Cockpit area can transform into a lounge bed when table lowered to sofa level. Rising vertical columns creates distinctive lighting at night and supports awning system in daylight. Awning system is based on 4 carbon fiber sticks pinned to a fabric on top, which can be dismantled easily and stored in the large locker under starboard sofa.

Optimum comfort for long distance cruising was the key point while drawing the interior outlines of Windtron 32. Large lockers in every cabin, large galley and sofa, enormous bathroom with separate shower and navigation station provide all needs of sailors onboard with high quality. Dark wood covered onto honeycomb structure maintains haute living conditions while light colors and Japanese style forward bulkhead creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Renewables are selected as primary energy source onboard, supported with solar panel-glass roof, wind and hydro generators. Since motor is barely used on sailing boats, diesel engine is replaced with, light and efficient electric engine on Windtron 32. Fiberglass vacuum infusion is selected as production method for both achieving lightweight boat and rapid manufacturing for serial production.

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