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Project Thetis

   Thetis is a luxurious fast water transportation vehicle designed for either regular and handicapped people with daily or leisure use purposes. 3 major elements which are: functionality, user comfort and design value combined together in design proses to achieve a successful result.


   The idea for the project came from a thought of creating a special vessel for both normal and handicapped people who want to arrive their destination in a better and quicker way than spending time in city traffic, or superyacht owners and guests who want to go their yachts in a much more comfortable and private way than using standard tenders.


   Exterior design of Thetis consists of simple lines and shapes to make her eurhythmic with her environment whether it’s a city, beach or superyacht.  Minimal yet modern and attractive appearance is given to Thetis which combines the fluid lines of water waves in hull and wings of an aircraft in superstructure. Large windows emphasize seamless interaction around the boat with interior and exterior while connecting waves (hull) and wings (superstructure).


   Interior design philosophy of Thetis was to create floor areas and volumes as large as possible to make people on-board feel freedom and spaciousness. This spaciousness also enables wheelchairs users to navigate inside boat very easily. Luxury, comfortable and relaxing interiors of Thetis offer qualitative environment for all people on-board. Haute appearance of wood and white leather fabric combined with large windows composes both cosy and open air feeling inside. 

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