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Design Challange SDS2017

Design challange was a fun and networking event among colleagues at the second day of Superyacht Design Symposium. Participants divided into several groups and given a task to design a superyacht for fictious owner. Harun Kemali was in team 10 aka Project Chameleon. Details can be found in Boat Internatioanl website given below.


Team captains: :Fiona Diamond and Steve Gresham

Team members :James Drysdale, Bart de Haan, Harun Kemali

Type of vessel :Diesel-electric multipurpose explorer with the option of a detachable hull.

Dimensions :70m x 30m

Max speed :25 knots, 10 knots cruising

Look and feel :Sleek, with a hull that changes like a chameleon to its environment.

Unique details : The engine is in the side hull, so that it isolates all the noise. The entertainment deck also doubles up with the two-tier helicopter deck, which would have an awning for privacy when the owner wants to have a party and not be seen.

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